These three words define us. Driven by our passion for the art of metal working, at Artesano Iron Works, we utilize centuries old techniques to create authentic hand forged, solid, wrought iron hardware to add beauty and authenticity to your design or restoration projects. At Artesano, we do not use any prefabricated components, nor do we rely on other vendors to complete any part of our projects.


Our skilled artisans, masters of the art of modern blacksmithing, enable us to keep all phases in-house from start to finish. Our portfolio includes over five thousand designs from our ten-plus year history.


Also in addition to our array of door knockers and door handle offerings, our expanded hardware line now includes bath fixtures, dummy strap hinges and door pulls. Our commitment to preserving the old world traditions of hand crafted iron works is evident at the very first glance. Not only do our craftspeople possess a meticulous eye for detail that ensures our designs are constructed with a constant focus on quality, our innovated design solutions present unique, functional creations with a strong aesthetic component.



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